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Jewinston Helps Your Purchasing A Matching Bands For Couples

posted on Oct 13, 2015| tags:

Engagement rings aren’t always discussed at length, because well, a proposal is most often a surprise. But nonetheless, scouting out the perfect ring is a tough process. So why not go the custom route? Jewinston is giving us five handy tips on the process today. If you’re in the market for a one-of-a-kind sparkler, you might want to tuck this one away for safe keeping! And darlings, we won’t tell if you anonymously leave this post up on your sweetie’s screen.


From Jewinston Private Jeweler… We all know someone whose matching bands for couples is just…meh. That should never be. For something that will be worn and seen every single day, an engagement ring should be loved, cherished, and coveted! As a custom jeweler at Jewinston Jewelry for many years, I’ve seen it all. From clients who know exactly what they want, to those who have no clue, creating custom jewelry is an experience from beginning to end. By going the custom route, you and your jeweler can create a one-of-a-kind enga

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Is This a Creepy Thing That Dads Giving \'Promise\' Rings to Daughters

posted on Oct 10, 2015| tags:

when people talk about my husband like he's supposed to be the last barrier between some teenage boy and my daughter's purity. Why is my daughter's virginity anyone's business but her own? Just because he's her father doesn't give him any more ownership of her body than any other guy, right?


The ring (note: not the one seen above) is actually pretty cute -- it's in the shape of a crown, with little diamond-type chips. But the meaning behind it is anything but cute.

According to the listing that's garnered more than 200 "repins" and some 85 likes, that little crown has a pretty creepy back story:

A Father gives his daughter this ring for her 16th birthday (when dating is officially allowed) to wear on her left ring finger—to remind her that she will always be HIS little Princess first— and to remind her to only date boys who will treat her like a Queen—the way her Heavenly Father sees her!!

The ladies over at Jezebel already have the vomit-inducing nature of the ring covere

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So Tell Me What Promise Ring Is And Is It Worth The Money?

posted on Oct 08, 2015| tags: Promise Ring

Amazing Pink Sapphire Engagement / Wedding Women's Ring


What is a promise ring?

A promise ring is just that, it’s a ring that signifies a promise of some kind.

Almost always, promise rings are exchanged between young lovers to pledge their love for each other.

But black promise rings can mean many other things too, like when it’s exchanged between a parent and a child, it could be to abstain from sex.

When you give a promise ring to your lover, it must signify some kind of a promise, like telling your lover that you’ll propose someday, or you’ll give up smoking the day you get married, or that you’ll never cheat for as long as both of you are in a relationship.

There are a lot of reasons to give a promise ring to a loved one. But it all starts and ends with a promise.

Should you give a promise ring?

This is a decision that’s entirely left to you. Your lover won’t expect it, so it’s a gesture you could indulge in only if you feel the urge to give a ring. You don’t even need a promise ring to express your love for your sweetheart.

Victoria Beckham looks effortlessly elegant in formal dress in New York

posted on Sep 29, 2015| tags:

While her husband was handing out an award at Pride of Britain, Victoria Beckham was accepting an award at a ceremony in New YorkThe Spice Girl turned fashion designer looked effortlessly elegant in a simple but stylish formal dress stores brisbane as she was pictured making her way to the event.The mother-of-four teamed the classic look with black heels and a sweeping up do.Victoria was attending the fifth annual Fashion 4 Development First Ladies Luncheon in New York where she was awarded the Fashion 4 Development Award.

Victoria Beckham seen outside her hotel wearing a long black dress in New York City

formal dress stores melbourne

Earlier that day she was spotted leaving her hotel looking equally as chic and very determined in a black blazer, simple white top, and matching trousers.Meanwhile, husband David was back in London at the annual Pride of Britain Awards.The football legend made his debut appearance at the ceremony on Monday night and said it was an "honour" to have the opportunity to recognise our everyday heroes.

Speaking about the annual ceremony h

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Favomode introduce you Baby Dolls and Skeletons

posted on Sep 22, 2015| tags:

The red lace babydoll formed in 1912 “as a Carnival club for women who were working in the dance halls and brothels.”


But the Baby Dolls, otherwise known as upstanding mommas and aunties gone gallivanting, extend a tradition from the rough days of Storyville. Origins and transition are excavated by Kim Marie Vaz, an associate dean and professor of education at Xavier University, in one of the more fascinating cultural books on New Orleans: The “Baby Dolls”: Breaking the Race and Gender Barriers of the New Orleans Mardi Gras Traditions (LSU Press).The subtitle is a postmodern mouthful but Vaz keeps a close lens on a culture of role reversals. The Million Dollar Baby Dolls formed around 1912, writes Vaz, “as a Carnival club for women who were working in the dance halls and brothels” of the area where City Hall and the Superdome stand today. A century ago, it was Back-o-Town, a vast working-class area where Louis Armstrong grew up. Some of the Million Dollar Baby Dolls carried dolls

Three Examples of Business Formal Dress Code for Women

posted on Sep 22, 2015| tags: dress formal dress formal dress australia

For many young women who recently graduated from college, the idea of business formal attire might be a new one. Whether you’re building your first post-college wardrobe or you’re just in need of a new business formal outfit, these examples should help you out. Some of these may be a little too casual for your industry, so it’s important to know the standards in your workplace.


1. formal dresses plus size

This is a good look for both everyday and more formal business situations. If you’re afraid this look isn’t quite formal enough, a simple black jacket would be a good way to complete the outfit.

Chiffon Formal Dress


2.Black Evening Dresse

Just because it’s business formal doesn’t mean your outfit can’t be a little fun. Patterns can be a bit much for business looks, but the monochromatic color scheme helps tone this one down.

black prom dress australia

3. plus size formal dresses online

This is a classic business formal look. The model pictured here is sporting a rather low-cut, grey shirt that I would probably rec

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Here I Offer You Some Rules To Getting Formal Dressed Up

posted on Sep 22, 2015| tags: dress formal dress

It wasn’t until recently when I had the opportunity to attend the South Carolina Inaugural Ball in Washington, D.C. that I realized how seldom I get to REALLY dress up.


Even though I’m the Fashion Market Editor here at Women's Health, the experience of getting ready for a ball was a major reminder about how much goes into prepping for a special day—and just how much fun it is!


Red Formal Dress

Here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind for your next formal affair—be it a black-tie wedding, a work gala, or a once-in-a-lifetime event like Sunday's Academy Awards.1. Be open-minded I’ve heard so many brides say that they had a style in mind when shopping for a dress and that they were shocked to end up with something completely different. It’s important to be open and try new things. After all, a special occasion should be just that: special. So if you never wear bold colors, give them a try. If you always wear strapless, try a cap sleeve. You just might be surprised at the outcome. 2. Foundat